Friday, 07 April 2023 11:36

The winner of the BE OPEN Regional Art Competition for up-and-coming artists was announced as the Artist of the Month for February Featured

BE OPEN Art is an online art gallery that was established by the BE OPEN think tank, which is a humanitarian effort sponsored by multinational businesswoman and philanthropist Elena Baturina. BE OPEN Art recently provided a summary of the first month of a new regional competition for budding artists.
BE OPEN's expert team began the process of selecting artists at the beginning of the year 2023, with the goal of choosing those who most effectively reflect the cultural and creative identities of the Easte Mediterranean area. The first part of the competition will take place in the area that consists of Cyprus, Turkey, the Greek Dodecanese islands, as well as the nations of Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. This round of the competition will take place during the first three months of the year.

Jovanna Theodosiou has been awarded the title of Regional Artist of the Month for February as a result of the majority of votes cast by visitors to the BE OPEN Art online gallery during the month of February. Jovanna received her education in Fine Art from Kingston University in the United Kingdom. She now resides and creates her art in Nicosia, Cyprus.
The general audience will vote for one additional Artist of the Month in the month of March, and BE OPEN's expert panel will determine the winner of the Easte Mediterranean stage from among the three finalists. Each winner of a regional competition will get a monetary prise of five hundred euros, and in addition, a selection of the artwork that is deemed to be the finest representative of that area will be publicly shown, and the artists who created it will be honoured.
Because each regional stage is played over the course of three months, there will be a total of four stages over the course of one year, and a winner will be chosen for each of these stages. After that, towards the end of the year, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and Central Africa will become the primary regions of attention for the competition.
The regional competition will be held in conjunction with the normal, continuing activity of BE OPEN Art. BE OPEN Art's experts choose twenty artists for the gallery each month, and gallery visitors vote online to choose who the Artist of the Month and Artist of the Year will be.
BE OPEN Art chooses artists who are at an early point in their careers with the intention of showcasing and supporting developing talents. The project views its aim as searching for new people who will have an impact on the art world.
Being highlighted in BE OPEN Art provides up-and-coming artists from all over the world with the chance to have their work viewed by a wider audience. It also serves as a springboard from which new collectors and creators may begin to form relationships with one another. As an online gallery, BE OPEN work has remained an exciting and extremely relevant platform for communication between young artists and collectors, who are today, in the midst of global humanitarian upheaval, even more motivated to develop and purchase socially significant work. BE OPEN Art was founded with the mission of fostering a dialogue between emerging artists and collectors.