Thursday, 26 January 2023 06:47

Ireland army too small to give arms to Ukraine, says Micheal Martin

DUBLIN, Ireland: Tanaiste Micheal Martin has said that Ireland cannot send arms to Ukraine because of the small size of the Irish armed forces.

While speaking in Brussels, Martin was quoted as saying that Ireland has not remained neutral on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In recent months, the Ukrainian government has been lobbying worldwide for countries to send it advanced tanks so it could continue its defense against Russia’s invasion.

Germany has recently come under criticism for hesitating to send its German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

"We’re not neutral in terms of the war, in the sense that this is an invasion. It’s an act of aggression, which contravenes the United Nations Charter, and it’s causing immense harm, death, and destruction to the people of Ukraine," Martin said, as quoted by the Irish Examiner.

"There are two issues here — military neutrality is an issue and it’s not something that can be just put to one side, but also we don’t have capacity militarily. Let’s be honest about that. And that is also a key factor."

Martin also noted Ireland’s significant efforts in taking in Ukrainian refugees.