Wednesday, 11 October 2023 07:16

From the Field: How UN distributes food aid in Gaza, West Bank

Despite closed borders and the escalating Israel-Palestine crisis, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) was rapidly expanding its new emergency operation to provide critical aid to over 800,000 people facing dire circumstances and lacking access to essential supplies.

© WFP/Ali Jadallah
A World Food Programme (WFP) staff member distributes bread to a family sheltered at a UN school in Gaza.

Calling for establishing safe humanitarian corridors to facilitate aid deliveries, WFP also issued an urgent appeal for $17.3 million to address the critical situation in the next four weeks.

WFP had delivered ready-to-eat food to 73,000 people in Gaza on Monday and started cash-transfers to 164,000 people there and in the West Bank to buy food in local shops.

But, the agency was concerned that supplies were running out.

Pending the replenishment of food stocks through the opening of humanitarian corridors, WFP aimed to distribute in the next few days food to 300,000 people in host communities and make available cash-based-platforms to humanitarian partners.

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