Thursday, 30 December 2021 11:52

No talks with Taliban held on recognition of Afghan govt, says Russian Foreign Ministry

Moscow [Russia], December 30 (ANI): Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Thursday said that Moscow has not received any information from the Taliban side on their decision to send an envoy to Russia and mentioned that country’s recognition of the Taliban’s government is out of the question for now.

"We have not received any notifications from the Afghan side, from the Afghan government about their decision to send an envoy to Russia. There are not talks with Afghan authorities on recognition of the interim government. The Taliban is well-informed about our stance. This stance is based on many conditions," Sputnik reported quoting Zakharova.

She mentioned that the Taliban were informed about conditions many times including the establishment of legitimate government, resolution of terrorist and extremist issues in the country, adoption of effective measures to tackle illegal drug trafficking, abidance to human rights norms and other.

No country has yet recognized the Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Ghulam Isaczai, who had been appointed Afghanistan’s envoy to the UN by now-ousted President Ashraf Ghani and remained at the position even after the Taliban takeover, had resigned.

In September, the Taliban addressed the UN, informing them that Isaczai’s mission had been completed and "he no longer represents Afghanistan."The Taliban had further informed the United Nations that Shaheen had been nominated as Afghanistan’s permanent representative to the UN and requested they proceed with his approval.

Isaczai has repeatedly criticized the Taliban after their seizure of power in Afghanistan. (ANI)