Friday, 24 February 2023 23:15

Early action saves lives, as Tropical Cyclone Freddy hits Mozambique

Tropical cyclone Freddy, one of the longest-lasting systems in the southern hemisphere, slammed into Mozambique on Friday, as UN agencies helped residents with early action.

Accurate early warnings and early action on the ground helped limit loss of life over the course of the cyclone, UN officials said.

UN agencies delivered a host of supplies ahead of the approaching cyclone and are providing assistance to those in need. Currently, strong winds and high seas are threatening Mozambique with dangerous and exceptional rainfall levels.

Critical preparations

The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been helping residents to brace for the storms for days.

“UNICEF teams are fully focused on protecting the tens of thousands of children impacted by this tropical storm and the devastating flooding it is causing,” said Maria Luisa Fornara, the UNICEF representative in Mozambique.

#Freddy made landfall in #Mozambique as severe tropical storm
Cumulative rainfall of 200 to 300 mm and locally 500 mm in 72 hours in worst hit parts of Mozambique and #Zimbabwe
Big risk of floods and landslides