Friday, 11 June 2021 03:54

EU ministers approve strategy on climate change adaptation

European Union environment ministers on Thursday (10 June) approved the EU’s new climate change adaptation strategy, which sets out a vision up to 2050 to make Europe resilient and “fully adapted to its inevitable impacts”.

In their last Environment Council under Portugal’s six-month EU presidency, the 27 ministers adopted conclusions giving political guidance to the European Commission when it comes to implementing the strategy, presented by the EU executive last February.

“Climate change is not only a future threat. It is happening now,” commented the Portuguese minister of environment and climate action, João Matos Fernandes. “We must be better prepared for its consequences for human health, nature and the economy. The conclusions adopted today initiate a strengthening of adaptation action,” he added.

In a statement released by the Council, Fernandes pointed out that “the new strategy focuses on improving data and making better use of existing data, promoting nature-based solutions, integrating financial and economic aspects, and stepping up action at the international level”.

It “will help the EU to become climate resilient and climate neutral in the coming decades,” Fernandes added.

No effort or policy – no matter how great and ambitious – will spare us from the impacts of #ClimateChange