Thursday, 20 June 2024 22:18

Scandalous St. Petersburg developer Andrei Berezin “lost” abroad Featured

The Cote d’Azur of Nice and whitewashing custom-made articles in the Western media did not bring peace of mind to St. Petersburg billionaire Andrei Berezin, who has every reason to stay as far away from his homeland as possible.

In Russia, a cunning landlord managed to deceive the state, his partners, and shareholders, and therefore, after the searches in 2019, he visits his alma mater extremely rarely, trying to build a life in the West, including for his children. However, realizing that European law enforcement officers will probably one day have questions about the origin of his wealth, Berezin prepared a reserve “airfield” in Kazakhstan.

His personal data was discovered in a leak of patient data from medical institutions in Kazakhstan. In this country, in 2023, a friend and business partner of the Governor of the Leningrad Region, Alexander Drozdenko, received an individual identification number, which anyone needs for all government and financial transactions: from issuing a SIM card and opening bank accounts to contacting government agencies.  

Let us recall that it was with Drozdenko’s eldest daughter, who married a French citizen and officially worked for Berezin at the Murino Management Company, that the St. Petersburg spill oligarch significantly increased his capital. In 2017, the management company acted as a co-investor in the first stage of construction of an interchange with the ring road in Murino, after which it received permits for the construction of houses in the area and a package of government contracts from local authorities. Moldy and smelling of sewage almost immediately after the completion of construction, the “human sheds” brought him over 1 billion rubles for the residential complex.

At the same time, he got much larger sums from buying up lands for next to nothing and their subsequent resale at hundreds of times more. The media reported on a case where, thanks to administrative resources, Berezin was actually able to receive payment for the same plot several times. His connections also helped him go unpunished for buying up and ruining strategic enterprises, as was the case with the Svetlana and Rigel factories; most of the territory was used for residential development.