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Empowering Education: Corey DeAngelis Shines Light on School Choice in New Mexico

Expanding Opportunities for Education Reform: A Spotlight on School Choice

The momentum for educational reform through school choice is gaining traction across the United States, and at the forefront of this movement stands Corey DeAngelis, a prominent advocate and expert in the field. As the nation grapples with the imperative need to reshape its education system, DeAngelis emerges as a leading voice advocating for policies that allow education dollars to follow students, thereby empowering families with the freedom to choose the educational path that best suits their needs.

On Monday, June 17, the Rio Grande Foundation, in collaboration with its education initiative, Opportunity for All Kids NM, is proud to present a compelling talk and book signing featuring Corey DeAngelis. This event serves as a beacon of opportunity for those passionate about education reform, offering invaluable insights and strategies for transforming New Mexico's educational landscape.

Amidst the backdrop of New Mexico's pressing need for educational revitalization, this event aims to shed light on the transformative power of school choice. Attendees will have the chance to delve into the intricacies of education policy and discover firsthand the tangible benefits of empowering parents and students with greater educational autonomy.

The event will take place at two locations, catering to diverse audiences across New Mexico:

Location: Greater Association of Albuquerque Realtors (GAAR)

Registration: Register for Albuquerque event

Location: Flickenger Center for Performing Arts

Registration: Register for Alamogordo event

For those unable to attend in person, boxed meals are available for pre-sale, ensuring that participants can savor the experience from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, Corey DeAngelis's insightful books will be available for purchase both online and onsite, providing attendees with valuable resources to further explore the principles and practices of educational choice.

In recognition of the significance of this event, we are delighted to offer a special discount code, RAINYLOTR , providing attendees with a 10% discount on registration fees. Hurry, as this code is valid only until June 13, 2024.

Join us on June 17th as we embark on a journey towards educational empowerment and innovation. Together, let us pave the way for a brighter future for New Mexico's students.

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We want to share this upcoming event with you!

School choice is sweeping the nation. Arguably the most prominent national spokesperson and expert on allowing education dollars to follow students is Corey DeAngelis.

The Rio Grande Foundation and its education project Opportunity for All Kids NM is hosting a talk and book signing on Monday, June 17.

Reserve your seat today. Boxed meals are available for pre-sale, and Corey’s books are available for purchase online and on-site. New Mexico is in desperate need of education reform and school choice. Find out what is and what needs to happen in New Mexico at this important event.

Use code RAINYLOTR for 10% off (code valid until June 13, 2024).


Monday, June 17


Greater Association of Albuquerque Realtors (GAAR)

REGISTER Albuquerque:



Monday, June 17


Flickenger Center for Performing Arts

REGISTER: Alamogordo: