Wednesday, 16 February 2022 17:53

Want good ties with neighbours but didn’t allow fencing on Pak-Afghan border: Taliban

Kabul [Afghanistan], February 16 (ANI): Expressing his desire to have good ties with all its neighbours, the Taliban appointed Defence Minister of Afghanistan has said that the outfit has not allowed anybody to put a fence on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

This comes as the Taliban have refused to accept the Durand Line as the ‘official’ boundary between Afghanistan and Pakistan. There have been frequent skirmishes between Taliban and Pak security forces along the border after the fall of Kabul last August.

In his latest interview, Mullah Yaqoob Mujahid said that "according to the Doha agreement we will not allow anybody to use our land." "We want good relations with all our neighbours."Yaqoob Mujahid has said that fencing on the border is a complicated issue. "The former Afghan government had given permission to Pakistan to put up a fence on the border. The fence has covered along part of the border. A very small area has remained unfenced. So far we have not taken any decision about the fencing on the border."In the past few weeks, the bilateral relations between Pakistan and the Taliban are turning hostile over the issue of Durand Line and cross-border "terror activities".

The Washington-based group Global Strat View said that there are signs of growing uneasiness among the Afghan population and the interim Taliban cabinet over Pakistan’s high-handedness.

The TTP claimed responsibility for a recent attack launched from Afghanistan, which killed five Pakistani soldiers.

Pakistan’s National Security Advisor, Moeed Yusuf, warned the Taliban government that Islamabad would strike inside Afghanistan unless the TTP stops cross-border attacks. (ANI)